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Since 1991, Hopkins & Howard has provided support for our community banking clients involved in mergers & acquisitions in numerous areas and continues to do so today.

The challenges for community banks has never been greater. The economic devastation from the mortgage crisis and the tepid, at best, recovery have left many community banks reeling. The increase in regulation of community banks brought on by Dodd-Frank raises new concerns about the long-term health of community banks. Over the past few years, potential buyers of banks could not accurately estimate losses in a loan portfolios. As a result, bank values were historically very low.

It is beginning to appear that these buyers believe their ability to peg the quality of loan portfolio has increased and with it, the volume of M&A transactions in community bank should increase. With more accurate assessments of loan portfolios and improvements in overall quality, valuations of community bank by acquirers are beginning to increase.

If you have considered an acquisition or sale, now is the time to move forward. Whether you’re considering buying or selling, we can help.

While the mega banks have access to mega firms, it is difficult for community banks to receive experienced, bank-specific help with M&A. At Hopkins & Howard we can provide your community bank with help from people with decades of bank experience. We do so without the cost of the mega firms and with the knowledge that should you engage us, you will only deal with senior people at our firm. One of our senior consultants, David Emerson, personally acquired 3 separate community banks operating under Cease & Desist Orders and restored each to a safe, sound, and profitable condition prior to their sale.

Contact us now and let us know how we can be of service to you.

Not David Emerson

David J. Emerson

David Emerson’s banking and bank consulting career spans over 40 years as a highly experienced, results oriented leader with a demonstrated track record of restoring troubled banks to that of high performance community banks. More...