Hopkins & Howard was founded in 1991 by a group of KPMG senior mangers as a CPA firm specializing in serving community banks. Hopkins and Howard has provided professional services to community banks continuously since that time.

STOCK VALUATIONS bank stock evaluations, expert witness services, mergers and acquisitions
Our firm has performed hundreds of stock valuations for banks across the country. We have performed bank stock valuations for use in ESOPs, stock option plans, estate tax returns, internal capital planning, litigation defense and a variety of other uses by banks and their shareholders. Our nation-wide practice puts Hopkins and Howard among the largest bank-only valuation firms in the United States. More...

Hopkins & Howard has provided expert witness testimony for banks involved in litigation. Our bank-only focus gives our clients an substantial advantage in litigation when contrasted with using a general valuation firm. Our banking expertise provides very specific industry knowledge and experience acquired over decades. Using any expert other than those steeped in banking over a long period of time is only asking for trouble in litigation. More...

Whether you’re considering buying or selling, we can help. While the mega banks have access to mega firms, it is difficult for community banks to receive experienced, bank-specific help with M&A. We can provide your community bank with help from people with decades of bank M&A experience. We do so without the cost of the large firms. Should you engage us, you will only deal with senior people at our firm. More...

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