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Hopkins & Howard provides expert witness testimony for those involved in litigation concerning banking.

Our bank-only focus gives our clients an substantial advantage in litigation when contrasted with using a general business valuation firm. Expert testimony in banking litigation involves a very specific knowledge base and requires significant experience in banking. Using an expert other than one involved in banking over a long period of time is only asking for trouble in litigation.


1. Bank Stock Valuation.
Our significant experience in valuing banks over the past 20+ years allows us to provide our clients and their attorneys with a depth of knowledge and history that is nearly unique in the United States. Our experience has been that when general business appraisers are used, they tend to apply general valuation principles to the bank involved in the valuation. Given the substantial difference between a bank and a general commercial company, the resulting valuation can vary somewhere between hilarious and significantly damaging to a client’s case.

Before you engage an expert for bank valuation related litigation, please ask them how many bank valuations they performed in the previous year. Then ask us, we’re certain there will be a significant difference.

2. Bank Operations.
Areas of expertise include:

  • Lending, underwriting and administration, including these areas; FSA Lending , SBA, aviation, agriculture, commercial real estate, commercial & industrial, residential, and consumer lending;
  • Directors responsibility and D&O insurance;
  • Regulatory issues, compliance, enforcement agreements and civil money penalties consulting;
  • Shareholder dissent and fiduciary responsibilities;
  • Classified asset resolution;
  • Mergers & acquisitions.

Joe Hopkins

Joseph L Hopkins, CPA

Joe Hopkins has over 30 years of experience serving banks across the country as a CPA. Mr. Hopkins began his career in 1982 with the St. Louis office of KPMG. More...

Not David Emerson

David J. Emerson

David Emerson’s banking and bank consulting career spans over 40 years as a highly experienced, results oriented leader with a demonstrated track record of restoring troubled banks to that of high performance community banks. More...